Individual Lessons

Your way to speak Russian fluently with fun!
Go for Individual Russian Language Classes
Duration of a lesson = 1 hour via Skype/Zoom
Do you have specific goals? Special schedules? Personal constraints? Or do you simply have the desire to go at your own pace while learning the Russian language?
The program will be adapted to suit your personal preferences and goals - from daily conversations to Russian for business and work.

The lessons are held by Russian native speakers experienced in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

You can choose the dates & time for the lessons that is convenient for you. All the materials & a book are included and will stay with you after classes.
It's convenient
  • 1
    Structured 1 hr lesson
  • 2
    Flexible schedule of the lessons
  • 3
    Materials for study
  • 4
    Coverage of grammar, pronunciation,
    listening, reading and writing topics
  • 5
    Individual approach
Certified Teachers
Teacher certificate from Moscow State University (Lomonosov)
Book private classes
With a teacher
* You need to use
5 lessons package in 5 weeks, 10 lessons in 10 weeks

If it's your first Russian lesson and you want to start from scratch, then you can start with our Workbook where you can learn the alphabet and basics, which will prepare you for our club!

Russian Speaking Club

If you know the alphabet & some language basics (you are able to talk about yourself, your hobby, family, ask and answer simple questions) so join our Russian Speaking Club