Start your way in the Russian language
About the Workbook
This Workbook is for you if you want to start learning the Russian language from zero. You will start from the very beginning and learn the alphabet, numbers, greetings and useful vocabulary to start speaking Russian. This workbook can help you to study without a teacher as explanations and exercises on every page are voiced by native speakers so that you learn the right pronunciation from day one.
By completing the book, you will know the basics of the language.
- Exercises are voiced by native Russian speakers. You hear the right pronunciation and don't learn the words in any wrong way
- The exercises are voiced by two famous Russian bloggers - Eli & Niki
- Watch Eli's videos on the topics of the Workbook
- You won't be confused with the foreign alphabet and sounds, and will be able to develop the correct pronunciation by repeating after the authors
Speaking / listening
- Cover all your grammatical learning gaps. No topic will be difficult for you
- Structured course
Active grammar
- You can check yourself in an interactive test at the end of the workbook
- By completing the book, you will know the basics of the language (alphabet, numbers, greetings, basic vocabulary) and know how to read and pronounce Russian sounds and words
What you get
Exercises to practice pronunciation of sounds and words.
Most useful vocabulary for beginners. Learn new words
in Quizlet app on your phone.
Kahoot tests after each lesson to quick check your knowledge.
Everything in one file. You can listen audion in PDF file or you can scan/tap QR-codes with redirection to third-party resources.
Feedback from the native speaker*
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Greetings, lesson 1

- 3 lessons of the topic: Greetings!
- Alphabet, syllables and words pronounciation
- Set of words (vocabulary) in Quizlet
- Grammar rules (sconjunctions of verbs)
- Summary (greeting pharases and vocabulary)
- Keys
Where are you from, lesson 2

- 3 lessons of topic: Where are you from?
- Syllables and words pronounciation
- Grammar rules (conjunctions of verbs)
- Set of words (vocabulary) in Quizlet
- Summary (grammar and vocabulary)
- Keys
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I'm a Spanish speaker and I have to say that I'm very satisfied with the workbook.
Boris Senin Carhuallanqui Parian
Peru (South America)
What I have gone through is really helpful. It's great to have the audios, so I can repeat them as much as I want, they really help!! I really think the Workbook is a great tool for learning, it makes Russian easier!!
Eduardo Soriano
Guadalajara, Mexico
So far I like it and I like the QR links and the layout is great. The audio follow along helps cause the alphabet is so different and has more characters so I'm getting use to that. I'm a bit slower cause I'm so busy but I'm determined to learn it.
Hiep Dinh
South Australia
Workbook looks like a great deal of time and planning was spent in the organization and instructional layout ... it shows!

The balance with Audio helps with the Learning.
Mike Irving
Chicago, Illinois USA
Meet Our Team
Niki Proshin
A content creator, TikToker and a YouTuber from Russia
Elina Bakunova
Public speaker, member of the Russian Geographic Society,
extreme traveler, YouTube blogger