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The next Speaking Club starts on June 27!
Russian Speaking Club is a 3 week course that will help you to learn the most important vocabulary and grammar, put your knowledge into practice through Speaking Sessions. Here you will dive into the Russian speaking environment and join a community of like-minded people from all over the world to stay motivated with your studies.
Materials with Russian grammar & vocabulary
Speaking Sessions
via Zoom
Chat with
other students
You will receive all the materials for studying 3 times a week to help you understand the most difficult topics in the language. There will also be extra materials to learn the Russian slang and modern phrases.
At the end of each week, you will put into practice everything that you’ve learnt at our Live Sessions. You will be able to ask questions and to work on your speaking and pronunciation. Recordings will be available after each Session.
There will be a chat on Telegram where you will practice Russian with
a community of like-minded people from all over the world. You will be more motivated to keep up with everyone.
You will be given homework
2 times a week. This will help you learn the material better. You will also have additional writing and speaking tasks.
Lessons will never be boring. Every week you will have to pass several levels by completing speaking tasks. The best student will get a special gift at the end of the course.
You’ve just started learning Russian
You’ve lost in grammar and need a hand with getting out
You need a real speaking practice after learning from books
You are planning travel to Russia and need to learn the main vocabulary
- Only useful words and phrases
for real-life situations
- Quick and easy start
Everyday vocabulary
- Start actually Speaking Russian, and be able
to speak calmly with anyone, even with the president of Russia
- From alphabet to grammar basics
Overcome the
language barrier
- Cover all your grammatical learning gaps.
No topic will be difficult for you after the Club
- Structured course
- Put your studies on track and become confident
in your knowledge
- Track your improvements
A clear
- A native speaker teacher will tell you how to work
on pronunciation to be easily understood by everyone
- Materials would help you
your accent
- Learn anywhere via phone or
a laptop with Telegram and Zoom apps
- High teachers reachability
What you get :
Access to Telegram channel with materials for studying and homework from the teacher. You will get pdf-files with vocabulary and grammar explanation + exercises with keys. You can study the materials anytime you want.
Community to keep you motivated and practice the language with: you will make speaking exercises using voice or video messages with other participants.
Speaking Sessions (60 min) via Zoom every weekend (1 session per week). We choose convenient time for the sessions by a poll in the chat.
Homework to memorize the vocabulary. You will have small homework which you can do anytime to make sure you prepare for the speaking sessions.
How to participate
easy steps
Follow the link to Telegram
Download the app if you don't have it, follow the link
Reserve your spot
After the request to join the channel you will get a message from a Payment Bot on Telegram. Follow the instructions
Get access to the chat
All the information and classes will be on the Telegram channel after you join it
You can take this 10-minute language test to find out your level and choose the right group to enrol in!

Test scores that will help you to choose the group:
0-9 Beginner (From zero)
10-20 Elementary (Elementary)
20>more Intermediate (Pre-intermediate)
If you start learning Russian from scratch, our guidebook will help you
If you are starting from scratch, then download our guidebook where you can learn the alphabet and all the basics, which will prepare you for our club! Our guidebook is fully voiced : you won't be on your own with a book, you will be able to learn the right pronunciation from the very beginning and practice your speaking.
Do you have specific goals? Special schedules? Personal constraints? Or do you simply have the desire to go at your own pace while learning the Russian language?

Go for Individual Russian Language Classes.
The program will be adapted to suit your personal preferences and goals - from the Russian alphabet to dialogues with the president or trade negotiations in Russian! The lessons are held by Russian native speakers experinced in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

You can choose the dates & time for the lessons that is convenient for you. All the materials & a book are included and will stay with you after classes.

Duration of a lesson = 1 hour via Skype/Zoom
Book private classes with a teacher.

1. Click 'BOOK YOUR CLASS' and go the Telegram channel's Donation Bot and click on it to send money
2. Choose a tip € 24 to book 1 lesson / Choose a tip € 99 to book 5 lessons
3. Make a screenshot of the payment, and send it here in a personal message or by email
4. The teacher will text you, and you will make a schedule for your lessons together

(Due to sanctions, now it's the only way to pay for the lessons. Thank you for understanding)
Sign Up for the group - From Zero
Write your email, follow the link to Telegram, join the channel and follow the instructions from a Payment Bot
Sign Up for the Elementary group
Write your email, follow the link to Telegram, join the channel and follow the instructions from a Payment Bot
Sign Up for the Pre-intermediate group
Write your email, follow the link to Telegram, join the channeland follow the instructions from a Payment Bot
Q & A
What do I need in order to pass the course?
You will only need your phone/computer & access to the Internet! After you reserve a place, we will send a link to the chat group on Telegram App (available for desktops&mobiles). In the chat, you will learn all the information about the classes, receive the materials for studying and get links to join the Speaking Sessions.
Will I be able to follow the classes from my time zone?
It doesn't matter what time zone you live in.

You will study the materials and do homework when it's most convenient for you. The materials will be sent to the chat, and you will check them whenever you can.

Speaking sessions will be held on weekends. The time for the Speaking sessions will be chosen in the chat by voting so that it's more convenient for everyone.
What if I don't know my language level, which group should I choose?
Carefully read the description of each group and try to choose the one that seems the best for you. You can also pass the language placement test on this page. Our teacher will also be able to talk to you to see your level and place you in the right group, or change the group if you feel that the lessons are too easy or too hard.
What if I want to continue studying after I took 3 weeks of course?
You will be able to renew your subscription to the club and proceed by learning new topics
Who are the teachers of the club?
Our teachers are Russian native speakers experienced in teaching Russian as a foreign language.
I want a refund. Is it possible?
Yes, but only before you join the chat of the Speaking Club. Once the course has begun and we give you access to the platform and studying materials, the refund is impossible.
Elina runs a YouTube channel about the Russian language and culture. She has organized multiple cultural projects for international students in Moscow with AIESEC and worked as a tour guide. She has studied in Russia, the US and Italy and manages educational projects for languages studies.
Alena is a Russian language tutor. She is an author of the book “Russian language for foreigners” and editor of “Guide for World Cup 2018 in Russia”. Organized Russian lessons for 100+ portuguese and english speaking students around the world. Worked as a tour guide in Brazil and as an interpreter for Russian TV program. Member of international language project AIESEC Brazil.

Certificate from the Moscow State University
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