Online Russian language
course with speaking
practice focus
Suitable for language level A0 – A2
This is a course that consists of 30 lessons structured for learning Russian from zero to level A1-A2. You will gain access to a platform with recorded video lessons, materials for studying and tasks for practice, that you can study at your own pace.
What You'll Get
Access to a personal account for self-studying
This is a convenient platform that is very easy to use. You will find 30 lessons with all the materials that you can study at the convenient time for you and at your own pace.
30 structured lessons
In every lesson you will find text, video and audio materials to study grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, homework for practice and keys. By completing all the lessons you will get from zero level to level A1, and you will be able to hold a basic conversation in the Russian language.
30 video lessons
Watch recorded video lessons by Eli and Nastya. You can learn the right pronunciation with the teacher and practice yourself. Videos are short (between 3 to 15 minutes), and they will help you to better understand lesson's materials.
How the platform looks like:
Start the Course
You start the course any day after payment and get access to your personal studying account for 6 months. Feedback and private lessons with a teacher are also available for 6 months.
The price includes:
🪆 Access to the whole course (30 lessons)
🪆 All the materials with homework & keys
The price includes:
🪆 Access to the whole course (30 lessons)
🪆 All the materials with homework & keys AND teacher's feedback
✅ 10 private lessons with a teacher (1 hour calls)
✅ Private chat with a teacher for homework feedback, help and advice

About us
3+ years
Of successful experience. Russian Speaking Club is a community for people all over the world inspired by Russian culture and driven by native speakers, teachers and students.
400+ students
We create an environment for foreigners surrounded by Russian speakers who'd like to find a Russian-speaking community and like-minded people.
Meet Our Team
  • Eli
    Founder of the Russian Speaking Club & blogger. Eli has a blog on YouTube about traveling to different regions of Russia, Russian culture and language.
  • Nastya
    Teacher & methodologist. Nastya is a professional teacher of the Russian language for foreigners.
Hi! My name is Anastasia or Nastya. I'm the teacher in the Russian Speaking Club.
I found my passion for teaching when I was 16! I graduated from the Moscow City University with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching Russian as a foreign language. I’ve been teaching Russian as a foreign language for 5 years by now. I have students from all over the world, and I just love to share my passion with them. Now, I’m a teacher and a methodologist in the Russian Speaking Club.
Check our students' reviews
From Canada
I have a great time in the Speaking Club. The material is easy to understand. The workload during the week is manageable. I have the opportunity to practice my speaking skills on the weekend. I enjoy the learning experience in the club!
Hector Rivas
From USA
My name is Hector Rivas. I'm from Los Angeles, California. I just finished having a great experience with the Russian Speaking Club. I love the group atmosphere and the mini tasks that are given throughout the week. Makes the zoom speaking session much more productive. Thank you Eli for making this possible!
From USA
My name is Heather. I am from Utah, in the USA. I joined the Russian Club in November to see how it was to take an online language class. I found the class to be interesting and that I learned a lot. I enjoyed interacting with others at my same level of learning. Thank you for the great experience.
From Brazil
I'm Valeria! I really enjoyed to learn Russian in the club. The teacher is very patient and makes everything very fun and smooth! Thanks for all dedication!
From USA
I'm Joe from USA. I found Zero group very useful. Teacher did help me to improve my pronunciation and taught us very helpful ways of Russian word formation. I'm still a freshman but anyway this club helped me to feel more confident to speak Russian!
From Zimbabwe
My name is Mazvita. I'm from Zimbabwe. The Russian Speaking Club is fun and interactive. Doesn't make learning Russian intimidating. Very special thanks to my teacher.
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