Russian Speaking Club
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About the club
Your way to speak Russian fluently
with fun!
Russian Speaking Club is a 3-week course and online live meetings for practicing Russian in small groups with a teacher.

Here you will dive into the Russian-speaking environment and meet like-minded people from all over the world to stay motivated with your studies.
How it works
See how the learning process and Speaking sessions are organized
Speaking Sessions
Weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions on every weekend: 3 speaking sessions per month (+one 30 min greeting session) with new topics for discussion every time
Materials for studying
After every class you get materials with the summary of the speaking session to practice after the lesson (pdf-guides, video materials and useful links)
Community on Telegram
Access Telegram chat to communicate with the teacher and your groupmates and get all the materials and announcements of the Club
Join this group if you know the language basics (you are able to talk about yourself, hobby, family, ask and answer simple questions)
Join this group if you can already talk about more advanced topics - weather, profession, your country, traveling, food, personal interests
10-minute language test
Please take a test if you're not sure which group to join and if you don't know your language level.
If you've never learnt Russian before, but you would like to start from zero, or if your level is 'beginner', our workbook is for you.
What our students say
Trapper Ellison
From USA
The club is really awesome. I have honestly learned so much during my time here. It's fun, and I promise there is nothing to be afraid of. If you want to learn Russian, but you are scared, and just dive in head first. Alena will catch you. She's little, but she's a strong Russian woman and a wonderful teacher!
From Canada
I have a great time in the Speaking Club. The material is easy to understand. The workload during the week is manageable. I have the opportunity to practice my speaking skills on the weekend. I enjoy the learning experience in the club!
Hector Rivas
From USA
My name is Hector Rivas. I'm from Los Angeles, California. I just finished having a great experience with the Russian Speaking Club. I love the group atmosphere and the mini tasks that are given throughout the week. Makes the zoom speaking session much more productive. Thank you Alena and Eli for making this possible!
From USA
My name is Heather. I am from Utah, in the USA. I joined the Russian Club in November to see how it was to take an online language class. I found the class to be interesting and that I learned a lot. I enjoyed interacting with others at my same level of learning. I found that Alena was a patient and encouraging teacher. Thank you for the great experience.
From Brazil
I'm Valeria! I really enjoyed to learn Russian With Alena. She is very patient and makes everything very fun and smooth! Thanks for all dedication!
From USA
I'm Joe from USA. I found Zero group very useful. Teacher did help me to improve my pronunciation and taught us very helpful ways of Russian word formation. I'm still a freshman but anyway this club helped me to feel more confident to speak Russian!
From Zimbabwe
My name is Mazvita. I'm from Zimbabwe. The Russian Speaking Club is fun and interactive. Doesn't make learning Russian intimidating. Very special thanks to my teacher Alena.
Questions & answers
Just started learning Russian?
Our Workbook will help you
If you are starting from scratch, then download our Workbook where you can learn the alphabet and all the basics, which will prepare you for our club!

Our guidebook is fully voiced: you won't be on your own with a book, you will be able to learn the right pronunciation from the very beginning and practice your speaking.

Russian Speaking Club
Certified Teachers
Teacher certificate from Moscow State University (Lomonosov)
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