Start your way in the Russian language
This guidebook is for you if you want to start learning the Russian language from Zero. You will start from the very beginning and learn the alphabet, numbers, greetings and useful vocabulary to start speaking Russian. This book can replace a teacher as explanations and exercises on every page are voiced by native speakers so that you learn the right pronunciation from day one. By completing the book, you will know the basics of the language.

- Exercises are voiced by native Russian speakers. You hear the right pronunciation and don't learn the words in any wrong way.
- The exercises are voiced by two famous Russian bloggers - Eli & Niki

- You won't be confused with the foreign alphabet and sounds, and will be able to develop the correct pronunciation
by repeating after the authors
Speaking/listening practice
- Cover all your grammatical learning gaps.
No topic will be difficult for you
- Structured course
- You can check yourself in an interactive test at the end of the workbook
- By completing the book, you will know the basics of the language (alphabet, numbers, greetings, basic vocabulary) and know how to read and pronounce Russian sounds and words
What you get
Most useful vocabulary for beginners
Exercises to practice pronunciation of sounds and words
Voiced dialogues and exercises for listening
Kahoot test to check your knowledge
Meet Our Team
Niki Proshin
A content creator, TikToker and a YouTuber from Russia
Elina Bakunova
Public speaker, member of the Russian Geographic Society, extreme traveler, YouTube blogger

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