How does an average Russian live?
July 18, 2021
If you want to know how an average Russian lives, you will probably be disappointed because it's very difficult to say who an average Russian is.

There are 11 time zones, three climatic areas, cities from metropolises to tiny towns, 85 regions and more than 150 nationalities in Russia…

It's simply impossible to figure out who an average Russian is, but the more interesting it is to look at their lifestyles in different circumstances!
Let's start with the capital of Russia, the bustling city of Moscow. There is a saying that Moscow never sleeps. That's true as you can find all kinds of people involved in their activities almost 24/7.

People here may start working as late as 10 or 11 a.m. as Moscow is a huge metropolis with busy traffic, but the same time someone can leave their office only by midnight.

All the important (and not so important) services work all day long here – convenience stores, public transport, flower shops, fast food, bars and pubs… - not to mention emergency and necessary services.

If you want to diversify your lifestyle, you can go to a yoga session at 7 a.m. or have a night work out in a gym at 11 p.m.

Night life lovers can enjoy parties all night long and even after the sunrise, or if you're just an owl who, however, doesn't like noisy party places, then you can hang out in a time club where you can work, study, watch a movie or get to know someone while having a cup of hot cocoa with cookies and playing board games.

Just travel 100-200 km from Moscow to any direction and you will see a completely different way of life. Mid-level city or small town residents are not used to such a busy life and they have their own habits.

If you live in a "Russian province", you might have to get up pretty early as working day there starts at 7-8 a.m., but most office workers are done with their job by 5 in the evening. However, it's not much time left to enjoy activities outside your place as everything works according to the schedule there.

You will hardly find gyms or time clubs open at 10 p.m. in the regions, even public transport stops running at around 9 p.m., in mid-level cities – you'll probably be lucky to catch up your last bus at 11 o'clock. Thus, what is early for residents of Moscow or St. Petersburg, might be too late for those who live in smaller cities.
Just imagine how much a size of a place can influence the lifestyle, but what's more, Russia is a multinational country with different religious groups. While the main religion here is Orthodox Christianity, there are big communities of Muslims and Buddhists too. Obviously, they all have different lifestyles.

If we compare North and South, West and East, there will be many details that differ, beginning with the timing of daily routine and finishing with spare time preferences.

While there's the polar night in a northern city of Murmansk where it's dark all day long for more than a month in winter, the residents of southern regions such as Republic of Dagestan and Krasnodar Krai enjoy an 8-hour light day the same time, thus having a much more usual lifestyle than northern Russians.

While a Kaliningrad citizen from the most Western part of the country can go to a neighboring Poland or Lithuania for a weekend, another Russian from Siberia has to spend months in his/her place being separated from the outer world by thousands of kilometers.

Even Russians can't completely imagine how their country mates live in other parts of their motherland. Come visit and feel it yourself!

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