About me
I am from Russia, but I left home when I was 17 for traveling. I studied in the US and in Italy, worked in Vietnam. Now I have a YouTube channel about Russian culture and work on my projects that you will find below.
My name is Eli and on this page you will find my projects and contacts for collaboration
Russian Speaking Club
Take this 3-week course to
learn and practice the Russian language.
You can join in one of the groups from any level
Check list "Top 20 most
commonly used Russian verbs"
Download this guide to learn
20 Russian verbs and how to
conjugate them
50 useful phrases for traveling in Russia
Download this guide to learn
the most necessary vocabulary before your trip to Russia!
I will send you letters where I tell you some secrets about Russia that you can't find on Google. You will get to know the Russian culture better, and receive useful materials to learn Russian ;)
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  • Contact for collaboration or requests :
  • elina.prnew@gmail.com
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