Breaking #7 stereotypes about Russia
No more vodka and bears!
June 27, 2021
You've probably heard that all the Russians drink vodka as soon as they wake up and keep doing it all day long… They also play with their bears (which are obviously their only pets at home) while it's endless freezing cold winter outside.

I am going to upset you that this has nothing to do with Russia! While vodka, bears and cold weather have somehow become a part of Russian culture and image, often what you hear about it is too much exaggerated.
Stereotype #1. All the Russians drink vodka. Every day. Every morning after waking up.
That's completely nonsense! It's true that vodka is a typical Russian alcohol drink which you can see in all the shops and restaurants. Some people do drink vodka often, some Russians are even addicted to it (alcoholism problems). But there is another part of Russians who never drink alcohol or drink it exclusively for special occasions. And even more Russians who prefer other drinks. It's all up to your lifestyle and taste!
Stereotype#2. Russians raise bears at home.
Russia is, undoubtedly, full of bears in its taigas as the country is partly located in the places of their natural habitat. But it's so wrong to think that Russians raise bears as pets! We do love bears, but they should live at home – in the forests :)
Stereotype #3. It's freezing cold and snowy in Russia!
Well, it is. Sometimes. In some locations.
But what if I say that it's +34C in Moscow now and it's not the limit (these days are extremely hot!!)

Russia is a big country, and yes, the temperature can drop to as low as minus 67C (the lowest officially recorded temperature ever, Oymyakon, Northeastern Russia, 1933), but it can heat as hell too. Just keep in mind that all these numbers are extreme and not typical for the entire country!
Stereotype #4. Russians never smile.
This observation is not that wrong. But never say never. Russians might look "cold" for strangers as our smiles are usually kept for close friends or family, we smile at each other when it's appropriate, but it doesn't mean that we are not happy or not warm-hearted enough. Russians are just not such an emotion nation and we don't smile without a reason.

Stereotype #5. Russia is dangerous.
If you gonna look for a bear in each and every family, drink vodka all day long, go to Oymyakon to experience minus 67C without any preparation, I believe Russia will be dangerous for you. However, as far as you have a common sense and learn a bit what is safe and what might be dangerous in Russia (probably, from one of my next texts), it won't be more or less dangerous than the majority of other countries.

Stereotype #6. Russians often fight
Not much more often than anyone else. We live in the 21st century and no conscious person will fight if there's no solid reason for it.

Stereotype #7. Russian girls are so sexy.
I bet not only Russian girls, but Russian guys will agree with it too. That's one of the "positive" stereotypes about Russia and let it be! People are different and everyone has his/her standards of attractiveness ;)

There are many stereotypes around Russia, but it's so easy to break them. Everything in this world works according to the common sense and Russia is not an exception. It's unique and distinctive, but not worse or better than any other country.

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